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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beetroot Cake

I've been wanting to try this beetroot cake recipe out for ages, and I had a chance the other day. This was actually a recipe for carrot cake, given by my friend Noraini all those years ago in Germany. I've always loved it because you just need a blender to mix everything together and then it's ready to bake. And yes, it tastes finger-lickin' good, as Colonel Sanders likes to say!

Btw, I've substituted the carrots in the original recipe with beetroot, a very healthy (and very RED) vegetable that we don't often eat at home for some strange reason. You'll see what I mean when I said "Just blend everything together"....

I LOVE the rich colour of a beetroot!


Everything in its own layer in the blender.
Layers: Sugar, Veg oil, vanilla extract, eggs, beetroot

Blending away

Mix with some flour and pour into a lined baking pan. Still loving the purply-red tone!

Once cooked...yikes, the beetroot turned a caramel colour.

Still yummy though, with a splash of chocolate sauce on top.

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