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Friday, June 18, 2010

What I Had For Lunch

As a Foodiva, I get to eat rich, ultralicious food on a pretty regular basis and without a bit of exercise and detox drinks here and there, there's a great likelihood of unpleasant consequences to my tummy area (both inside and outside!)

Well, yesterday I actually made an effort to go out specially to buy some ingredients for a fresh salad. What I got were iceberg lettuce, radishes, green pepper, Japanese cucumbers (those tiny green ones), tomatoes baby carrots and bunga kantan. Whattt?? Yes, below is a bunch of bunga kantans or Ginger Torch flowers, which is actually a wild plant - I saw it in the middle of the Temburong rainforest where we went hiking last year. It gives a citrusy flavour to the salad and is great for digestion.

This is how much you'll need for a small salad.
Any more and you'll get the runs for a day... hahaha!

So, after I've chopped everything up the way I wanted it, I tossed everything into my brand new salad spinner. It's the 3rd one we have, but it's my favourite one because 1. it's collapsible and can be stored easily, and 2. it's from the Martha Stewart range and we just lurrrrve Martha, don't we?

See what I tell you? Collapsible is the 'in' thing...

After the salad's been spun, they looked a little bit like terrified people who'd just been on a centrifugal ride at the amusement park. They're all stuck to the sides... terrorised. 

Healthy stuff. Just turn a blind eye to the garlic bread and pasta on the side.

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