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Gadget Girl

If ever anybody out there looking is for a poster girl for kitchen gadgets, you can point them my way! Don't ask why, but I have a strange affinity for kooky things that make my life easier in the kitchen. Not just the usual cake mixer, toaster or spatula-variety of kitchen tools which are pretty much standard for people who cook a fair bit. I'm talking about unusual, sometimes rare gadgety items that border on the comical and sigh, useless side. Yes, I admit, I'm a sucker for novelty stuff like that. Or I'm just fascinated by all things weird and wonderful - period. This character trait unfortunately (fortunately?) trancends to other parts of my life way beyond my Haute kitchen!

Here are a list of things I love to have in my Kitch Collection, and I think you should have too...

Birdie Lemon Squeezers
Not sure where I got these, probably in Germany about a decade ago! They were the rage in some fancy restaurants (one squeezer per guest), so when I saw them on the shelves, I had to get a few for our home. For when guests come around, of course.

Tea Strainer
Just stuff your tea-leaves into this thing and steep in hot water. Simple and efficient, except I don't use it for tea, I fry things in it! Especially those foods draped into ball shapes, to keep them from unravelling/falling apart in the hot oil. has some of the funnest kitchen gadgets around and they used to sell these.

Measuring cups and spoons
Staples in every baker's kitchen. The cups and the teaspoons are all well and useful, but have you ever seen (used, bought even?) these Smidgen, Pinch, Dash, Tad Measuring Spoons? Too cute not to get!

Horizontal Cake Slicer
Too lazy or strapped for time to bake the 2-3 layers of that special occasion cake? Fret not, because you can just double/triple the ingredients for one big, tall cake and use this gadget to slice it horizontally across into the however many layers you need. I love this tool, it cuts very clean and straight across too! (And no, you can't hang your clothes with it, ok).

Lattice Pastry Cutter
Not sure if this is the technical name for this cutter (threw away the box ages ago), but it does just that. Run the tool across a flattened piece of pie dough, and it cuts such that when you stretch the pastry out over the top of say, an apple pie, it transforms into this very professional looking lattice dough! Neat to have, but as usual with these special tools, practice makes perfect. *grins*

Banana Saver
To save your bananas for later, except it doesn't work when the bananas are a different size!

Apple Corer & Slicer
This has got to be one of my favourite gadgets in the kitchen! Have had this for years and it still serves me well, especially when making apple jam and tarts.
Corn Cutter

No need to wear those dentures anymore when you're eating corn, as this gadget slices the corn right off the cob for you. The cob-ring is adjustable, just what we all need!

Mango Slicer and Corer

A similar version to the Apple Corer and Slicer above. No more mango juice running down your arms. Whoever invented this is a genius!
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