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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Phyllo Treats for Breakfast!

I ran for a good hour plus around the stadium area this morning and when I came home, my stomach, mind and heart knew I deserved something special to eat to reward the morning's efforts! You know the saying, "love yourself first"? Well, precisely because I DO, I decided to make something light yet can satisfy my forever-sweet tooth.

Looked in the freezer and found some forlorn, forgotten phyllo (or filo) sheets tucked neatly in a corner. Checked the expiry date on the wrapping and yeaaayyy... it was still edible - such joy! So what I did was cut the phyllo sheets neatly into squares with a pair of scissors, melted some butter and slathered the sheets with it. Well I poured the melted butter into a flat dish, dipped the sheets quickly and and rubbed two against each other for better butter coverage.

After about 4 sheets, I realised that perhaps using olive oil would be better healthwise and easier to handle so I switched to the healthy alternative. Lined the well-oiled square sheets on a baking pan and baked them till they turned golden brown.

Phyllo sheets prepped and ready to be grilled

Golden brown and ultra-crispy

There were some pears in the fridge, and I took one and let it warm up a bit to room temperature before slicing it thinly and grilling it separately from the phyllo sheets.

Sprinkle with a little brown sugar on top to caramelise the pears. Naughty!

Once everything were cooked, they were assemble in this order: phyllo, phyllo, phyllo, pears, almond slivers.
I also did a mango phyllo treat just because (and just because there are still TONS of mangoes in my house!). Don't hate me just becauseI had these for brekkie.....

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