Foodiva's Kitchen: From Crumbs to Chocolate Heaven

Monday, August 23, 2010

From Crumbs to Chocolate Heaven

Bite into one of these, and you will be transported straight to chocolate heaven while at the same time, connect with the softest, creamiest cake mass. Well, leftover cake. Hmmm... what do you mean by "Whaddya mean, leftover cake?"? Welllllll..... that means cake crumbs from cupcakes that I'd baked these past few days. I had so many uneaten cupcakes stored in containers in the fridge that there was no more room in there for stuff that really needed to be in there, like milk and butter. And loads of cream cheese frosting that I had to use up. Very soon.

Looks like the kids at home have caught on to the fact that my cake batters have been plied with numerous kinds of (very yummy) vegetables and now they have refused to touch them! Hmmphh... one minute they were happily chomping on a cupcake - "Really delish, what's in it? Whaaa....?? Pffffttt (spitting sound)" - the next, they've left me with a lot of uneaten cake. Deliciously sweet desserts, sitting in the fridge like dressed-up wallflowers at a party. Tell me, no, tell the sprogs, what's there not to love about eggplant cupcakes? I mean, really.

No problemo, I'm cool. When I'm done reinventing these, those kids won't know any better. I'll just tell them it's chocolate wrapped around cake, and they will eat them! Fortunately, it's no great science to make these Chocolate Cake Balls, thanks to Bakerella and her innovative recipe.

That's a lot of cake crumbs to just be thrown away, isn't it?

I'm not sure why I'd never made these before, now they've become a big hit with the sprogs. They're finally eating my vegetable-filled cupcakes, reincarnated into their next life as heavenly chocolate balls!

All the goodness of vegetables and chocolate tucked into one little, cute ball!


Anonymous said...

I love your idea of making these with leftover cakes. I'm thinking it could also work with marzipan and dates in the filling instead of cream cheese? I'll have to try it!

Subterfuge Diva said...

Ruby, yes it could totally work with marzipan and dates as I reckon these two ingredients will make the cake crumbs stick together too. Wonderful suggestions, thanks!

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