Foodiva's Kitchen: Gaga Over Grapefruit (Cake)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gaga Over Grapefruit (Cake)

Looking at these luscious pink grapefruits sitting pretty on the kitchen counter, I couldn't help but get carried away with the thought of turning these lovelies into something - something more delicious than they already are. I mean, there I was, munching my breakfast while quietly brainstorming on how to get one over Mother Nature. Then I remembered the the distant taste of the Orange Syrup Cake that I used to make frequently one time, a long, long time ago. But wait! Is the world really ready for Grapefruit Syrup Cake? 


First, we needed to squeeze the bejuices out of these grapefruits. For a 2 lb cake loaf, I used the juice of slightly more than half a grapefruit. These things are HUGE, so can you imagine just how much juice they contained?? You can of course strain the juice to eliminate the tiny pips, but I kinda liked the pulp so no straining (subtext: had to fish the pips out manually one by one. Haha)

All squeezed out. But worth every drop!

The juice was gradually added to a mixture of butter, sugar, eggs and self-raising flour and folded into a rather cute 2 lb loaf baking tin. I lined mine with greaseproof paper (above). The whole thing then went into a pre-heated oven and baked for about 40 mins. In the meantime, I prepared the syrup mixture to pour over the cake once it was cooked. Sooooo, more squeezing!

For the syrup, it was a mixture of half a grapefruit juice and rind, plus sugar. Boiled for a couple of minutes until mixture became slightly syrupy. Left the pips in there, for goodness sake! A few pips never killed anyone. Well, noone that I've heard of so far.

Poked the cake all over as soon as it came out of the oven, and then spooned the grapefruit juice syrup on top of the cake.

That's the grapefruitiest cake you'll ever taste!

The rind gave the cake its the sharper, tangier taste.

An aerial view. Lovely from all angles.

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