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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jammin' in my Kitchen

This morning, I put an end to all our excess fruits (for today) before they all turn south and rot. What a waste and crime that would be, hey? So I tried to extend their shelf life a bit longer and performed some sort of kitchen magic on them, a bit like me trying to extend my youth a little by visiting a beautician to undergo various extraordinary skin-lifting facials now and then. Haha... well, we try what we can, don't we?

Ok, back to the kitchen. The extra apples and mangoes have now all been turned into jams and stored in jars in my fridge. The cooking process was not without some pain, especially when bits of  boiling hot jam spurted out of the pot and onto my arms.... ouch! Plus, the slow-cooking process took so L-O-N-G, I think I actually fell asleep in the middle of all that stirring. Yes, making jam is real boring, in case you want to try it someday.

Take one last look at these because they will all be turned into mush soon..

I thought this was a lovely shot of the jams, until I realised that the fruits on top were the wrong way round!

Ok, this is correct. Apple jam on left, mango jam on right.

Yummy, I can't wait to have these on my toast for brekkie tomorrow!

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