Foodiva's Kitchen: Root Beer in a Cupcake!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Root Beer in a Cupcake!

Sooooo.... I finally got round to making these root beer treats this morning. It was quite easy to do, and I thought I'd better use up that root beer in the pantry before it disappears down someone's throat! In this house live thirsty little creatures affectionately called "the little sprogs". Juices and drinks just don't last that long around here because the sprogs get thirsty quickly on hot days and after running all over the place the whole day.

Anyway, I digress. Here are the ingredients, people:

There was no cocoa powder left in the cupboard so I improvised and used MILO... Yeahhhhh!!!

My Root Beer of choice

The delicious bubbling mess that is boiling root beer, milo and butter. Ahhh.... absolute heaven!

This consistency is about right.
Oven ready


The fun, kiddies version topped with mint candy. Looks like root beer float, dunnit?

The adult version with dried cranberries. Sad :-(

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