Foodiva's Kitchen: Green Tea Biscuits

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Tea Biscuits

I think my craving for all things Green Tea has finally subsided now that it's noon. Although not before I had baked two batches of green tea biscuits with almonds, back-to-back with the banana-green tea cake! Diva D will be livid when she finds out exactly how much of her matcha powder I've been pilfering this morning... Oh well, I'll just buy her some more later. 

I used muscovado sugar in this recipe because I just love the colour, smell and soft silky texture of this brown, moist sugar. Suddenly I'm thinking, "Hmmm.... body scrub!" 

Muscovado sitting atop the butter, waiting to be whisked to fluffiness

I used a flat tea-strainer (below) to make those minute gauzy patterns. Thought they were pretty.

Before (top) and after (below) photos. That's an almond slice on top, btw.

When I got tired of all the daintiness, I just plonked lumps of green tea biscuit batter on the baking tray and these are what the second batch of cookies looked like (in a jar). Rough and ready, the way my friend, KJR likes 'em! *Grins*

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