Foodiva's Kitchen: Mango-Raspberry Muffins

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mango-Raspberry Muffins

It's mango season where we're at, and looking out into the garden, I could see our mango trees being burdened by their seasonal offerings. In fact, our trees produced more mangoes than they could bear, with many being unpicked and just falling to the ground during the rainy days (our neighbours have already had their fair share of mangoes - up to their eyeballs, in fact - and would no longer accept our neighbourly gestures). So what to do with all these darned mangoes?

Well, yesterday I churned them into my no-brainer mango muffins with raspberry filling. Chopped the succulent fruits into tiny pieces and mixed them into the batter.

Voila! What do you think? The dessert plate looks hot too, no?

Can't get enough of that plate, so here it is again in its full glory...

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